What if we let music speak to your soul through space...

From profiling over 300 creatives, co-creating largest critically acclaimed african art biennial, our new project isn't over-ambious, it's true to what we believe

At Visual Africa believe in collaborating and building eco systems that ensure our stories are told the right way.

The African creative should be seenheard

About CFA

Imagine a space that promote and incubate the best of Afrobeats culture. CFA_Lagos will play a crucial role in our african community through the creation of festivals, exhibitions, performances, competitions, programmes, residencies and training workshops .



Who we are
The center will be home to talent from various visual artists from all over africa. The Art Space will tell the African story through the lens of Afrobeat history and culture. It’ll be devoted exclusively to the documentation of the Afrobeat life, history, and culture and will be home to numerous artifacts.

It will provide an opportunity for those who are interested in Afrobeat culture to explore its history through interactive exhibitions


Facts & Figures
Knowledge is power. There is a lot to learn about the afrobeat culture and the future of our current sound. How will our sound evolve. How is our sound influencing our socio-economic systems. How is it changing how we grow.


Music Player
With over a billion streams over the web. Afrobeat music is a force in the new sound era. The center will serve as an incubate for new music talent.


The Space
The architecturally space will open its doors late 2021. It will showcase art and culture through the lens of the African Diaspora.

We intend to bring people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds together in the heart of the city ton explore and discover the culture, history, and art of the Afrobeat sound and culture.